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   I was born in Perm, Russia, beautiful city in Eastern Ural. I didn't start dancing at the very young age, as most Russian dancers do. Till the age of twelve I was a competitive swimmer, for a long eight years, I came to the pool at the age of four. Russia is serious about sport, not always in the positive sense, so the disaster striked when I was twelve: I did not pass the lungs capacity test and was dismissed. I tried Rhythmic gymnastic, and soon realized I am not enjoying it. So I went to school every day, just all other kids, and read books, lots and lots of books, and tried to forget about sports. Until in about a year I had to go to some school event, and decided to learn Waltz. I came to the dance school... and very soon after found myself on stage. Almost seemed that it was not matter of choice, more like some sort of hurricane took me, I turned around and found myself performing and competing. I went on to continue my dance education in Dance Forms and Art of Choreography at the Perm's State University of Arts and Culture, all while performing a lot, and competing very successfully. I was honored to be invited to stay at the University to teach Ballroom and Latin after graduation. And again I continued my dance education all the way to the dissertation at the Moscow's State University of Arts and Culture, while enjoying my tenure in Perm. I started with the new partner, Vladimir Triaszin, and together we became a victorious team on the international level. Fred Astaire Dance Studios invited us to come to New York City to compete, and to teach at the Upper East Side Studio. Fabilous times! Now I am a mother, and a dance teacher, and choreographer. I own Let's Dance Rochester Studio, and Dance Lessons Universal School. I enjoy a quiter life, and I love my time in the kitchen, cooking is my passion. I beleive I am very good at it, I cook every day, and I do not understand or appreciate the concept of cooking one day for the whole week and saving little containers. I cook fresh, and I don't eat leftovers. As a red wine lover and enthusiast I only eat breakfast without wine. And when wine is not available? I don't eat. I started Tango with Tacos and More to share my food creations with you. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

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