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Marina Lisser

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Marina Lisser

Hello and welcome! Let me introduce myself. My name is Marina Lisser. I was born in Russia a long time ago, it was still Soviet Russia. At the age of thirteen I made an unfortunate choice: I decided I want to learn Waltz. And here I am, learning ever since. I danced competitively for many many years, you really don't want to know exactly how many. I fully enjoyed my teaching career at Perm's State University of Arts and Culture. I had some beatiful victories and was invited to work for the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in US, and enjoyed several years at New York East Side. I am now a mother, and a teacher, and choreographer. I love to cook, and hope my Instagram followers can agree I am quite creative. I love red wine, and totally believe that a meal without wine is called breakfast. I love people, well, may be not all of them, but I sure do collect them, because people are fun. I want to share ny journey with you, whether that a new dance learned, or sophisticated choreography, or mothers worries, or the new dish. And I so want to know what do you think, please talk to me! Oh, and I have my dog Gavril to back me up on every subject.

Marina Lisser
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